AMS Global First Regular Income Fund

Approval of Draft Trust Deed
The Honorable Commission (BSEC) approved the draft trust deed of AMS Global First Regular Income Fund on October 08, 2023. We are going to publish the prospectus of the Fund soon. The initial size of the Fund is BDT250 million. AMS Global is the Sponsor and Asset Manager of the Fund.
Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) is the Trustee and Custodian of AMS Global 1st RIF:
The Board of Directors of AMS Global selected the most renowned, largest, and public sector institution, the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB), as the Trustee for AMS Global 1st RIF. This AAA rating company has been serving as a trustee since 2002 having 64 more mutual funds under its supervision, which is 54% of the total number of funds in Bangladesh. ICB is also the Custodian of the Fund.

Necessary information of AMS Global First Regular Income Fund


The primary objective of the “AMS Global First Regular Income Fund’’ will be:

  • Provide stability in the capital market.
  • Focus on Retired persons by providing regular returns.
  • Provide retail investors access to the SME Market.
  • Provide retail investors access to the Bond Market.
  • Develop the Bond Market and create a long-term alternative to the share market’s “overheating” problem.
  • Provide a stable 15-20% annual return to its investors and the return will be
    provided frequently.

Initial Size: Tk. 250.00 million

  • Sponsor: Tk. 25.00 million
  • Private Placement: Tk.225.00 million
Fund Type: Open-end Mutual Fund
Target Returns: The Fund will target an annual return of 15%-20% or more
Fee Structure
  • Asset Management fee of the Fund will be as per সিকিউরিটিস এন্ড এক্সচেঞ্জ কমিশন(মিউচুয়াল ফান্ড) বিধিমালা, ২০০১.
  • Trustee fee shall be 0.10% on market NAV of the Fund.
Sponsor: AMS Global Asset Management Company Limited
Asset Manager

AMS Global Asset Management Company Limited

The Fund Manager shall be responsible for the floatation, operation, and management of
the Fund.

Trustee Investment Corporation of Bangladesh
Custodian Investment Corporation of Bangladesh